Diary of a San Diego Wedding Planner

The trials and tribulations of 15 years planning weddings

Mary Noble April 11, 2009

Mary Noble is the founder of Mary Noble’s Classic Weddings.


2 Responses to “Mary Noble”

  1. Eric Dettenrieder Says:

    Mary, Your stories are hilarious! You are lucky to have found your place in the universe! We will be invading your world but a little later this summer! Lizzie, Caela, Vanna(Michelle) and Corporate Sal(Sally) along with a few other stragglers will be in SD to see you! Probably in September(not late April as previously seen on our FB page). Talk to you soon. Eric

  2. Thomas Gotfredson Says:

    As the Father of the Bride who had the pleasure of working with Mary on the days leading up to my daughter’s wedding, let me share with you what a delight Mary is to work with. She was engaged, thoughtful, and thorough. She attended to details big and small. If you are thinking of putting on a flawless wedding, Mary Noble has the classic touch to make your daughter’s day a huge success. Tom G. Carmel Valley, San Diego.

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