Diary of a San Diego Wedding Planner

The trials and tribulations of 15 years planning weddings

A Change Gonna Come March 26, 2012

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In my experience as a wedding planner, I’ve seen the overwhelming evolution of business technology. When I first began twenty years ago, having a fax machine was the true marker of a successful business woman—and I had one! Nowadays, my phone seldom rings and I get nostalgic butterflies in my stomach when the rare fax buzzes through. Nearly all of my business is done via email.

The landscape of event design has also undergone a dramatic makeover. It used to be only a daring bride that would choose colored table linens. Now, brides have 500 linen swatches to peruse, 20 chair choices and a multitude of dance floors. Shall we have a photo booth? Chocolate chip cookie bar? Triangular head table?

My job title is also seeing some transformation.  It’s not enough to simply be a “wedding planner”. In some circles, I’m now known as The Event Coordinator. This is mostly due to the fact that weddings are no longer just weddings. They are indeed events that have morphed into a cacophony of not only florists and bakeries, but valets, mimes, magicians and dog handlers. Oh my!  And they all work tirelessly to pull off a vision that is tastefully simple, wonderfully modern, and romantically classic while exhibiting just the right amount of restraint.

If all this makes your head spin, fear not dear reader! I’m here: wedding planner, event coordinator, vendor juggler. But you can just call me “Mary”.

P.S. I accept faxes.


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