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Animals, Birds, Dead Butterflies and Fish 5.4.2009 March 18, 2009

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Animals…let’s start with dogs at weddings.

Some bride and grooms love having Fido at the wedding…just remember some guests may be allergic.

I once had a guest sneeze through the entire ceremony…she ended up leaving for the night.

Also, if you are to be married in a backyard, send a flyer to the neighbors and ask that their dogs are inside for the 1/2 hour you having the ceremony.  12 years ago I had a German Shepard with a deep bark, bark through the whole ceremony.  Instead of “I do” it was “I woof”

Doves: Never release doves if hawks maybe in the area. I had a beautiful 200 bird release until the hawk came down and snatched one out of the sky. Instead of the guests talking about the bride’s dress they were discussing the dove murder.

Also, concerning doves…you have to release doves before sundown or else they will not find their way home. Just make sure your officiant knows this so he/she can time the ceremony with the dove release if it is close to sundown.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Doves in baskets out in the open for all to see. The challenge is you can’t put doves behind a wall. If there is anything in front of a dove it will not fly.

Butterflies: I am 50/50 on this…can be really great if all butterflies fly but there are always a few that don’t make it out of the cacoon stage.

Fish: I’ve never had fish swimming in a bowl as a centerpiece at a wedding.  I personally feel they should be on the Sushi Bar.


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